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Recruitment Process

At Talent Allianz, we not only provide recruitment consultancy services to our clients but also give the applicants a perfect platform to get their dream jobs. Our first step on accepting the mandate is to gain an understanding of the company, its culture and the profile of the positions to be filled in. The next step is short-listing of the most suitable profile from our databank and relied sources or head hunt if required. We then discuss the profile of the short-listed candidates with the recruiter and arrange the candidate for an interview

Step 1 Receiving the mandate
•  Understand client's organization with regard to existing business activities, organization structure and future growth plans.
•  Map position specific competencies Understand requirements of positions including job title, principal accountabilities, Key Result    Areas (KRAs) / Key Performance Areas (KPAs), authority, external / internal contacts, reporting and supervisory relationships, working     conditions / environment, job specifications, approximate compensation, location and other relevant details.
•  Sign the mandate agreement form with the client
Step 2 Pre-selection
•  Map people to the requirements of the position
•  Evaluation - For preliminary interviews, we select the potential candidates on the basis of prior work experience, qualifications, strength     and weaknesses and the ability of candidate to fit into the work-culture and ethics of the client organization. The potential candidates are    contacted and interviews will be conducted to find out their interest and suitability. We deploy the necessary expert assessment after the   screening of candidates by drawing up competency profiles through the most innovative proprietary platform. During this phase, our    consultants keep on updating the client of the progress achieved.
•  On receiving feedback from the candidates and Organizations on the meetings, we will work along with the Organization to draw up a     final shortlist
•  Follow-up until the selected candidate joins the Organization
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